Blog #10

The state of Michigan is working on passing a law that would allow those who have a concealed weapons permit to carry in schools, day care facilities, college dorms, stadiums and churches.  The law would allow the districts to make their own decision on whether they would like to participate but the option is there for those who would feel safer through carrying a weapon with them. If school districts would like to participate those who have a permit will have to go through a more extensive (8 hour) firearm training.  However Michigan is not the first to work on implementing this law eight other states have beat them to it.  I would say that the opinion is pretty much 50/50 with the community. Half of them are against this new law with a strong argument however the other half also holds a great argument. Which side do you stand on?


Blog #9:

Newsy is separated into four different categories; headlines, policy, culture, and sci/tech.  Within each category there are several top stories for example in the headlines category the main top stories are about the mass shooting at the church in Texas. Within the policy category the top stories consist of stories about DACA, Trump and his administration, and stories that deal with both the Democrat and Republican party’s. Within the the culture category the top stories are about Taylor Swift, new movies such as “Thor: Ragnarok”, and sports. The sci/tech category has stories that deal with science. For instance the top story is about finding a new name for 486958 2014 MU69. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of how the website is set up. I think it is a little difficult to find some of the information you are looking for the categories are very broad and different stories are just clumped together.  I feel that if they made subcategories within the four main categories it would make it a little easier. For instance, within the culture category there are articles about sports, the music industry, movies, etc. if they were to have a drop down menu when you hover over culture that say music, sports, movies, I feel like it would make it easier for their viewers to find the information that they are looking for rather that having to scroll all the way through the culture section. But overall, I enjoy the website and think that it provides a lot of information about a lot of different topics all on one website.

Blog #8: Hyperlocal News

I visited three news sites; The Observer,, and the Bradenton Herald. When I explored all three sites I learned a lot of information about the local area that the site covered. All three sites had a lot of news stories about FEMA due to Hurricane Irma. All three sites covered many stories that may not be that important to larger scale papers and news sites but they cover stories that are important to the locals.  For example, The Observer covered a story on there being a new principal at Lennard High School this year. covered a story about a cafe in Big Pine Key which reopened their doors on October 3rd after the devastation left behind from Hurricane Irma. The Bradenton Herald has the latest information on the recent crimes in Bradenton such as the woman who was charged with the murder of her 82 year old neighbor. These are all important news stories to the locals of each paper however the information that is in the Bradenton Herald would not be important information to someone living in Big Pine Key.

Blog # 7

My family has a home in the Florida Keys which was largely impacted by hurricane Irma.  For my photography journalism story I think I would like to do my story on how the Florida Keys was impacted. My family and I have been making trips down to our house in Big Pine Key in order to mark off items on our repair list. Going down to the keys has given me the opportunity to take some pictures of some of the damage which I think would help make for a good story. Image may contain: outdoor

Blog 6: Story Assignment #2: Service Journalism

For so many years we were told to eliminate red meat from our diet due to the health risks that is may or may not cause.  Well new research studies show that adding lean beef into your diet can actually be good for your health. According to an article on Cattlemens Beef Board website ( which is funded by the Beef Checkoff program, “New research shows lean beef can help people lose weight while maintaining lean muscle and supporting a healthier heart.” For story assignment #2 I am going to be writing about the research studies completed about the health benefits of including red meat into your diet.


Blog #5: The Ruskin Family Drive In

One of the last 50’s Family Drive in’s and Keeping It Alive!

When you want to go somewhere for an affordable date night or a fun, family friendly place to take the kids, the place to go is the Ruskin Family Drive in.  My story is about the drive in itself and the struggles the owners have had to keep a precious piece of the 50’s alive. I personally have been going to the drive in for as long as I can remember and I have such sweet memories from all the times that I have been. But the drive in has been struggling financially and so I wanted to write about it to spread news about them so that they might get a few more customers.  The drive in isn’t just for families with small children it’s for everyone of all. College students, couples, children and the elderly have all found something unique and fun about the drive in. In Ruskin, it is known as one of the hot spots for young adults to go and hang out with their friends. To provide the information you want to know such as prices, snacks, what types of movies they show and customers overall experiences I spoke with the owner, an employee as well as a customer. I also did a lot of research on my own such as reading all of the reviews past customers have done and the overall verdict is that the Drive in has 4.8 out of 5 stars. So if you have the time you should definitely go an check it out!

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Blog #4: Interview Preparation

Once people turn a certain age and wrinkles and gray hair replace what was once someone who was youthful and full of hopes and dreams we forget that they were once our age and had a life before they were parents, grandparents or senior citizens. Once they turn into parents and then grandparents they begin to disappear into the background observing the lives of there kin.  I chose my grandfather because I too am to be blamed for this. I know my grandfather just as that, he is just Grandpa someone who has just always been there to support me.  But I don’t know anything about James Vaughn Sanchez I know nothing of his life before he became “Dad” or “Grandpa”.  So, I decided to take this opportunity to get to know who James is and what his life was like before he became a parent and a grandparent.

To prepare for my interview I thought about what I wanted to know about the man that I knew growing up and about what made him into that person.  I wrote down the ten questions that I wanted to know the most and some extra questions for back up in case I needed them.

The only challenge that I had was hurricane Irma. I originally was going to interview some other people who cancelled on me due to the weather.  My family and I then needed to prepare our farm as well as clean up afterwards. My solution to these challenges was to interview my grandfather and the second was to talk while we worked.  While we checked cattle, moved trees that had fallen, fixed fences and saved one of my calves that was about to drown in a ditch full of water, we talked. I was able to ask the questions that I needed to and was able to get to know the man I know as Grandpa. Overall even though I had some challenges in my opinion I had a successful interview/work day.